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About Us

Software made in Germany

Engelmann Media GmbH was founded in 1998 and has its head office in Dortmund, Germany. Main activity of the medium-sized company is developing and selling high-quality multimedia programs for Windows.

Independent programs are developed and produced for a large number of partners in Germany, Japan, USA, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium and offered in the respective countries. Several million units of the repeatedly awarded products have already been sold.

Short history of Engelmann Media GmbH

  • 1995: Start of developing a burning software for DOS.
  • 1996: Start of selling software for copying Playstation 1 games via Internet; creation of one of the first commercial homepages in the German-speaking Internet.
  • 1997: First mention in trade journals like PC Shopping, PC Welt or c't.
  • 1998: Publication of the burning software 'CDRWIN' compatible with Windows 95.
  • 1998: Foundation of Engelmann Media GmbH.
  • 1999: The mark of 25,000 customers has been topped.
  • 1999: Entry into retail business and start of selling the software via Media-Markt, Karstadt, Saturn etc.
  • 2000: First internationalisation by starting the distribution in Japan.
  • 2001: New product series "MovieJack" for copying DVD-videos.
  • 2001: Development and distribution of 99 min CDs.
  • 2001: Worldwide start of exclusive distribution of 99min CDs via the brand 'Disc4You'.
  • 2002: European market leader in the field of 'Copying DVD-videos'.
  • 2002: Start of distribution in USA, Benelux, France, England, Italy and Spain.
  • 2002: Aldi sells 120,000 versions of MovieJack within three days in Germany!
  • 2002: Start of product series "GameJack" for copying computer games.
  • 2003: Amendment of copyright law in Germany, which makes the bypass of copy protection a punishable offence. This leads to a discontinuation of 90% of the company's products.
  • 2003: More than 5,000,000 products sold.
  • 2004: Development of the software AudioJack, which is even presented in the Tagesschau, a famous news magazine on German TV.
  • 2005: Further development of the technology for burning optical mediums with Blu-ray support.
  • 2006: Change to .net 3 as development environment.
  • 2007: We are one of the first developers worldwide to bring commercial .net3 programs on the market (Media Markt etc.).
  • 2009: The first version of Photomizer, our software for fully automatic photo optimization, is being published.
  • 2010: Photomizer is presented on the German TV channel WDR.
  • 2010: Videomizer is being presented.
  • 2011: Photomizer is winner of multiple tests!
  • 2011: Videomizer is now also able to stabilize videos!
  • 2012: Change to .net 4 as development environment.
  • 2012: We are now official partner of Adobe!
  • 2012: Win8Starter, our alternative start menu for Windows 8, is published.
  • 2013: We are memeber of Certified Senders Alliance.
  • 2013: We have reached the border of 1.000.000 registered customers. Thank you very much!

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