How secure is my password

How secure is my password?

Passwords are very important in today’s digital world. On the PC, laptop or smartphone: Everywhere we have installed little helpers, some of whom manage sensitive data. E.g. bank details or other personal data. To avoid being the victim of fraud, theft or even identity theft, passwords should be as secure as possible.

Unfortunately, passwords like “123456” are still popular and often in use. The problem is: weak passwords can be guessed or calculated quickly. And if you are still logged in to every online service with the same e-mail address and use the same password everywhere, the chances are extremely high that it will happen:

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of how manifold the consequences of spying, guessing or calculating passwords can be.
If, for example, your e-mail account is hacked, your own e-mail address is usually also stored as a recovery address in shops such as Amazon or Ebay. The attacker can then go shopping with your payment information. Or he sees your personal photos in the cloud. He or she could also appear under your name on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Insights into business documents or documents about your health are also often the target of such attacks.