Facebook: Ändern Sie Ihr Passwort!

Facebook has accidentally stored millions of user passwords in plain text since 2012!

Facebook is once again the focus of a new data protection controversy: The passwords of “hundreds of millions” of users were stored in plain text. This time, Instagram users are also affected by the latest security incidents. A total of 200 to 600 million Facebook and Instagram users could be affected. Although the social media company did not specify which component or application on its website caused the error, Facebook announced that the company discovered the security flaw during a routine security check in January of this year.

Support Scam

Support Scam: If Microsoft support calls unrequested

At the moment there are more and more cases of a bad rip-off: fake calls that allegedly originate from Microsoft. If the phone rings and a supposed Microsoft employee wants to speak to you urgently, you should be alert. The call is being made because your computer is allegedly infected with viruses and Trojans. It’s best to hang up immediately! And you should also terminate further telephone calls again and again. The aim of this scam is to cheat you on paid services or viruses & Trojans.

Darknet Deep Web

Deep Web: How to access the Darknet?

Google & Bing know almost everything. Why only “almost”? With a market share of about 92% Google is the top dog in the search engines, Bing with about 3% is clearly beaten to place 2, but still clearly ahead of other candidates. Both search engines collect all their data automatically and are for at least 95% of the world’s population the start page to the Internet. Everything that is not captured by search engines is called “Deep Web”. And there is also a specially encrypted area, the so-called Darknet. By the way, this network does not only serve illegal purposes. Technically the Darknet is part of the Deep Web.

Daten Leak SecuPerts Identity Inspector

After Collection #1 now also Collection #2-5 announced: Check your own e-mail address now!

What an earthquake in Internet security: just recently, around 1.16 billion combinations of email addresses and associated passwords were published via the Mega cloud platform and discovered by Australian security researcher Troy Hunt. In the meantime, the data on the Mega platform has been deleted again – but numerous copies are circulating on the Internet! The logical consequence is that we should now all check our own e-mail addresses.

Amazon Alexa Smart Home

Will we have to sweep data garbage in the Smart Home in the future?

Television with 4k resolution? This already elicits a tired smile from some people today. The world of electronics and gadgets seems to offer hardly any sensations in some areas. Even though there will of course be many further developments to come, we are in fact already damn far behind the year 2000. The situation is quite different in the smart home sector: Here we can expect innovations in the near future that will certainly inspire many people and also make life easier for us.

How secure is my password

How secure is my password?

Passwords are very important in today’s digital world. On the PC, laptop or smartphone: Everywhere we have installed little helpers, some of whom manage sensitive data. E.g. bank details or other personal data. To avoid being the victim of fraud, theft or even identity theft, passwords should be as secure as possible.
Unfortunately, passwords like “123456” are still popular and often in use. The problem is: weak passwords can be guessed or calculated quickly. And if you are still logged in to every online service with the same e-mail address and use the same password everywhere, the chances are extremely high that it will happen.

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Maximum security when surfing the Internet? A fully protected e-mail communication? Best possible protection against dangerous zero-day attacks by viruses? Protection against intelligent ransomware Trojans, where antivirus solutions do not always help? This is not a utopia! With Cyber Shield we have developed a security tool that works completely different from the well-known protection mechanisms of antivirus solutions.
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Knowing the dangers lurking on the Internet

Knowing the dangers lurking on the Internet

It’s hard now to imagine our lives without the Internet. Emails, WhatsApp, shopping on Amazon, and even making an online transfer. In other words, many people can no longer do without home banking and all those other little ways that the Internet gives a helping hand. What would it be like then to go for two weeks without using a smartphone and the Internet?

Unfortunately, nowadays, it can be quite a risky business surfing on the Internet. This is because the Internet is rife with online criminals, rip-off and misleading offers that many users are quickly taken in by.
So, what kinds of dangers are present on the Internet?