Thank you for the installation of the updates of our software! Here you will find the changes since the release of the product. In alphabetical order:

Changelogs of all products


  • Better support for CD/DVD devices from Samsung

CinemaHD 4

  • Complete new user interface
  • Many new functions, e.g. 4K2K Support

freeTunes 4

  • Cover search fixed


  • Optimized 3D output for shutter glasses

MovieJack (formerly MovieSaver)

  • Support for Watchbox instead of Clipfish
  • New option: Minimize to tray
  • Corrected main window view
  • Revisited online help


  • Fixed DVD profile
  • Cover search fixed
  • Fixed some installation issues

Photomizer 3

  • New languages: Dutch and Turkish
  • Minor changes for Presets
  • New standard value for batch processing is now “Save all pictures”
  • Problems solved with presets
  • New images can now be loaded as an argument on the command line (Open with…)
  • Added and fixed retro effects
  • Enhanced RAW support
  • Revisited English translation
  • Now pictures over 100 megapixel are supported
  • Fixed problems with saving GIF pictures with transparence to JPEG
  • Model of Camera is now shown correctly
  • New keyboard shortcut: F11 to exit the full screen view
  • Fixed strange color when opening some special RAW pictures

Secuperts Anti-Spy

  • Changed handling console prompt
  • Fixed problems with reset functions
  • Adjustments to the latest update of Windows 10

SecuPerts Driver Updater

  • Added new drivers

SecuPerts First Aid Kit

  • Upgrade of the hardware support
  • Fixed small bugs

SecuPerts Forensic System

  • Fixed a bug when using Wi-Fi

Simply Good Pictures 4

  • Optimized performance using 64-bit Windows 10
  • Optimized: Higher compatibility with some pictures formates
  • Fixed: Rare problem with registration of the full version
  • Fixed: Higher compatibility with some pictures formates
  • Our photo optimization has been strongly improved; among other things, the so-called halo-effects around objects have been removed

Videomizer 2

  • Added support for MOV files