Get your exclusive right of first refusal on for Cyber Shield

Get your exclusive right of advance sale on for Cyber Shield

With Cyber Shield we have developed a new security software that works completely different from the well-known protection mechanisms of antivirus solutions.

While anti-virus programs only take effect when a virus has hit your PC, Cyber Shield starts much earlier – and blocks access.

The crowdfunding platform gives you exclusive versions of Cyber Shield, which you can never buy in this form.

Find out now on!

Only until the 5th of June 2018! Get your right of advance sale on this unique security solution!

How Cyber Shield works!

  • This link will take you directly to the campaign on
  • On the crowdfunding platform, you can directly support our project – while securing an exclusive version of this software. Most of the versions you can buy on Kickstarter will never be available in stores.
  • All you need to do on is to choose a minimum amount (right column) that you want to support the project with. This is already possible with one Euro/Dollar.
    An account with is not necessary. You pay by direct debit or credit card.
  • For example, for a € 40 “Pledge”, you will get an exclusive 3-year license for up to 3 systems (from the time the software becomes available). For a higher donation, there are more systems and longer terms available!

Please note: The software will cost in the future € 39.99 for a 1-year license for 3 systems! You can save a lot!
As soon as the software is available (probably July 2018) you will receive it by e-mail or as a download.

Why we “sell” our software on Cyber Shield is fully developed and the first tests are successful. Since we do not have access to all current viruses and other pests, we need the help of companies specializing in anti-virus software testing for a meaningful series of tests. We depend on support to fund independent testing.And we can do both with the crowdfunding platform

  • Find partners to help us finance this unique security concept.
  • To offer all of our costumers exclusive presale versions of our new software solution.

Why have we developed Cyber Shield?

The reason for Cyber Shield are the weaknesses of traditional antivirus software. As a matter of principle, developers of anti-virus solutions always lag behind the “virus writers”. Anti-virus software relies on lists of known malicious programs – or attempts to detect unknown malware using typical behaviour rules. But not all threats are found this way. Above all, the risk of zero-day attacks or of new and dangerous ransomware Trojans always remains.

What is the new about Cyber Shield?

Unlike all traditional antivirus programs, Cyber Shield takes a completely new approach to computer security:

  • Access to all web content (e-mail attachments, downloads, music and video streams, cookies, etc.) is done with Cyber Shield via a virtual sandbox.
  • In the case of a virus attack, pests have no chance to overcome the sandbox’s virtual environment.
  • The threats from the web remain isolated and do no harm to your computer.
  • In the sandbox, Cyber Shield creates a secure working environment for the Internet.

What other functions does Cyber Shield have?

From e-mail to office applications and anonymous surfing: Cyber Shield’s secure interface gives you access to all the features of an operating system. Including:

  • Office: all known Office applications like presentation, text, spreadsheet
  • Basic functions such as audio, video, e-mail, PDF u.v.m.
  • Password Manager: Manage and create secure passwords while surfing with Cyber Shield
  • Banking Browser: Protection against phishing attacks for your online banking
  • Banking Software: For secure execution of banking transactions
  • VPN Browser: Protects your privacy while surfing by changing your IP address
  • TOR Browser: Anonymous surfing using the Tor network

Only until the 5th of June 2018! Do not miss this opportunity and get your exclusive right of advance sale! On the crowdfunding platform, you are able to acquire a software version at absolute top conditions.

Every euro/dollar helps! And best of all: You decide how much you want to pay to support Cyber Shield.
Thank you in advance for your support!