Listen to All Your Favorite Songs in Every Room: Multiroom Systems and the Perfect Playlist

Listen to music in any room in your home with a network of specially setup speakers you can control individually – that’s what multiroom sound systems offer. In this blog post, we’ll show you how multiroom systems work and how to create your perfect playlist for multiroom systems.

Multiroom home systems are becoming more popular than ever. The reasons for this include wide use of music streaming services like Spotify, on-demand audio and Internet radio, which are also becoming increasingly popular. With multi-room systems, you can activate and control the corresponding speakers or speaker via an app, and you’ll be able to listen to music wherever you want. Everything is possible: the same playlist for all rooms or individual music lists for different rooms. For example, current hits can be played in your teenager’s room, relaxation music in the bathroom, and rock in the bedroom in the evening.

Multiroom Systems Require WLAN in All Rooms

The basic prerequisite for multiroom systems is a stable Wi-Fi network in all the rooms, as the individual speakers are connected to each other via Wi-Fi. The speakers are then operated and controlled via a smartphone or tablet app – or even a voice assistant. The speakers connect directly to the streaming services and pull songs directly from the network. If new speakers are added to the network at a later date, the configuration of the existing devices is simply copied.

Communication over Wi-Fi offers a few significant advantages over Bluetooth. On the one hand, the sound quality is better during streaming, and on the other hand, Wi-Fi covers a wider range. With Bluetooth, you would always have to be within the direct range of a speaker to operate it via smartphone. In addition to that, individual speakers should not be too far away from each other. Some manufacturers – Sonos, for example – completely ditched the Bluetooth option a while ago, but some – like JBL – still offer it.

Party bis zum Sonnenaufgang mit der richtigen Playlist

Create the Perfect Playlist for Multiroom Systems

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music or TuneIn: the providers of Internet radio and streaming services are countless, so is the selection of what songs and genres you can find and stream. As good and varied as these services may be, no streaming playlist can be as good as a compilation of your personal favorites. You should definitely make sure that the multiroom system of your choice allows you to play “personal playlists” from local sources in addition to connecting to streaming services. Most systems include this feature. This way you’ll be able to compile truly perfect playlists for your sound system.

The perfect playlist for your multiroom system could be a compilation of audio CDs, downloaded music videos and audio files that you have on your PC in various formats. If this sounds like your playlist, then we recommend Freetunes, a free tool that lets you easily rip audio CDs and audio DVDs, and convert music videos (e.g. from YouTube) into audio files. With just a few clicks you can convert everything into mp3 or any other format you prefer: AAC, OGG, WMA or WAV, to play it from any device. You will then be able to easily add your favorites to your playlists. You can find Freetunes on our site, where we offer several software titles as free full version downloads.

Have fun creating your top playlists for every room in your home and every occasion.