SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10 Manual

Package content

The product package consist of the SecuPerts Anti-Spy software including an electronic help file and a license key. SecuPerts Anti-Spy is also available as a CD copy with printed help.

System requirements

A functioning Windows operating system is required to install this software. Concerning the hardware as a rule of thumb: the more powerful your system is, the better the software will work. You require at least:

  • Windows 10 (either 32- or 64-bit)
  • at least 1 Gigabyte RAM
  • .NET 4 Framework (will be installed automatically if needed)
  • A connection to the internet is required to activate the software!


Please contact our support if unexpected problems occur while using SecuPerts Anti-Spy. You can reach our Support-Center through our contact form on our homepage. Important! To help you as effectively as possible we require the following information:

  • Software name (SecuPerts Anti-Spy) and version number.
  • The designation of the used operating system and possibly installed service packs.
  • A short error description as well as how frequent it occurs ( sporadic, regular).


To make the start as easy as possible this chapter lists all the important information for installing SecuPerts Anti-Spy on your PC.

Installing the software

To install SecuPerts Anti-Spy proceed as following:

  1. Save all your current data and close all open programs.
  2. If you bought SecuPerts Anti-Spy on CD please insert the disc. The setup wizard will start automatically; if not, please open your CD-ROM drive through ‘My Computer’ on your Desktop and execute the file setup per double click (e.g. D:\Setup.exe)
  3. If you bought the download version of SecuPerts Anti-Spy, please start the downloaded file per double click. If you have not yet downloaded the file, you can download it from our webpage here. Under options you can choose your desired installation path. You can also choose if you want to create a desktop shortcut after the installation is complete. To save these settings click on ‘OK’.

The setup wizard will guide you step-by-step through the installation. As usual the following procedure applies:

  • Install: The ‘Install’ button will start the installation. Up to the point where you click on ‘Install’ no changes at you system will be made.
  • Close: The ‘Close’ button interrupts the installation and cancels all previously changes made.

Program start

After successfully installing SecuPerts Anti-Spy you can start it with the following methods:

  • Through the start menu: Click on ‘Start -> Programs -> Engelmann Software -> AntiSpy.
  • Through the desktop: Double click on the SecuPerts Anti-Spy icon on your Desktop (if you chose to create it during the setup).
  • Through the quick start bar: Click on the SecuPerts Anti-Spy icon in the quick start bar. (Note: By default the quick start bar is not available in Windows 10.)

Important: Prior to the first program start please make sure that your PC has a stable internet connection so SecuPerts Anti-Spy can be licensed and activated.


SecuPerts Anti-Spy allows you to easily alter your systems settings. The different settings are split into the following groups:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 – synchronization
  • Edge
  • Personal settings
  • Media / Windows Media Player
  • Network
  • Internet Explorer
  • Services

Windows 10

This category contains settings, which prevent your system from sending information to Microsoft. You can also deny other programs access to your messages and contact information. Other useful functions are for example activating the command prompt in the login screen or deactivating the web search with Windows Desktop search. The setting “Prevent notifications from synchronization providers” disables ads for onedrive in your explorer.

Windows 10 – synchronization

The settings in this category allow you to deactivate various parts of the Windows 10 – synchornization. The synchronization may help recover your system to previous settings in case of crash. It is also useful if you use multiple computers.


Settings inside this category affect the internet browser Edge from Microsoft. Some settings like “Prevent saving of passwords” and “Always send ‘Do not track’ request” increase your security. Others like “Stop popup windows” make using Edge more comfortable.

Personal settings

These settings primarily serve the purpose of increasing your safety. If you have downloaded files from the internet you should always check its file extension. The settings “Display known file formats in explorer” and “Display file extenstions .PIF, .SCF, .LNK, .URL” will make this easier. The other settings limit file access from unauthorized users.

Media / Windows Media Player

This category limits your media players access to the internet. This includes among others “Stop identification of Media Player by websites” and “Stop sending Media Player usage statistics to Microsoft”.


Windows 10 activates “Peer-to-Peer upload to other users” by default. This unnecessarily loads your band width and slows you system, so it should be deactivated . You can also remove computers from the network and deactivate automatic Windows Updates in this category.

Internet Explorer

Settings in this category affect the Internet Explorer from Microsoft. You can suppress its updates and disable possible danger sources like JavaScript or ActiveX control elements. Additionally, a phishing filter can be activated to further increase your safety. Cookies and history can easily be accessed through the “View and delete cookies” and “View and delete history” buttons. These open a new window where single entries from your cookies and history can be removed.


This category offers an easy way to disable various windows services like automatic updates or Windows Defender.


Left clicking a category unfolds its settings. These can then be changed through the toggle button on the left side. The buttons “Select all” and “Deselect all” below make changing many settings at once faster. After you are satisfied with your chosen settings, you can apply them with the “Use” button. The status text on the lower side informs you about the number of settings that will be changed. The button “Undo” resets all settings to you currently selected profile.


After SecuPerts Anti-Spy has been started for the first time it creates a profile with your systems current settings. This makes recovering to your own settings much easier. You can find and load profiles through the menu bar entry “Profile > Load profile”. The menu bar entry “Profile > Save profile” saves your currently selected settings into a new profile.

Change language

The language can be changed through the menu bar entry “Profile > Language”. There you can select between german, english, spanish, french and italian.

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