SecuPerts Driver Updater: Keep your drivers up to date!

Outdated drivers endanger your PC through security holes and impair system stability. SecuPerts Driver Updater updates your drivers automatically. Make sure you never miss an important driver update again! Close those dangerous back doors. Old drivers are a security risk! Protect yourself now!

The program highlights at a glance

Automatic repair and update

No more hours of searching for new drivers. The SecuPerts Driver Updater is simple, fast and secure!

More than 2,300,000 drivers

We add more drivers to our database every day! All drivers are checked for viruses, among other things.


All data and drivers are transmitted absolutely secure and encrypted by the SecuPerts Driver Updater!

Windows compatible

The SecuPerts Driver Updater is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 – both 32- and 64 bit.

Increase performance and stability

Up to 97% of all typical PC problems can be traced back to outdated, faulty or even missing drivers. Prevent now!


You can save and restore all drivers automatically or manually.

Driver update made easy! Automatically more safety and speed!

We have the software for you!!


Driver Updater Scan

Check & scan for outdated and missing device drivers for free!


Driver Updater
3 PCs/1 year

Use the SecuPerts Driver Updater for a full year on up to three computers!


Driver Updater
1 PC/1 year

Use the SecuPerts Driver Updater for a full year on one computer!


Scan now for free for outdated drivers!

  • Install the latest & most current drivers for your computer fully automatically
  • Automatic repair and update
  • Increase the performance and stability of your PC!
  • Fewer crashes, fewer device problems and better graphics!
  • More than 2.300,000 drivers available in our database
  • Update, save and restore drivers as needed
  • Don’t waste time searching for the latest driver for your Windows!
  • All drivers are downloaded over a secure SSL/HTTPS connection
  • Windows drivers for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 available

System requirements

System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 (both 32- and 64-bit)
Processor: 1.5 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk space for installation: 80 MB

Available languages: German, English


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Questions and Answers

What are drivers? Why do you need drivers?

To be able to use Windows as an operating system, you can use almost infinite combinations of hardware. Apple has it easier, because they only use own hardware. A concept based on device drivers was therefore introduced for Windows: Every device needs drivers to work under Windows. This has two decisive advantages: On the one hand, the number of supported hardware is extremely high. On the other hand, Windows can also support or use hardware that did not exist at the time the operating system was developed!
Without drivers, Windows would not work. Unlike application programs like Word or Chrome, drivers do their work in the background. As a user, you usually don’t worry about it – until a device stops working. If, for example, special keys on your keyboard cannot be used, the printer only outputs confused characters or, for example, a connection to the Internet can no longer be established. These are all signs of driver problems.

In summary: Drivers establish the connection between your hardware and Windows. Different devices such as printers, monitors, graphics cards or USB controllers all require individual drivers that are compatible with the device and version of Windows.

Why do drivers need to be updated?

If you are installing Windows freshly, Microsoft usually installs drivers for standard components, which usually work somehow. The drivers from Microsoft are designed to run with the basic functions of most devices. However, the hardware manufacturers usually know their devices better and develop drivers themselves so that Windows can access the full functionality of the hardware. In addition, drivers from manufacturers are usually programmed more efficiently.

As with normal software, the drivers are constantly being further developed by the manufacturers, new functions are being activated, access to the hardware is being made faster, etc. In addition to the elimination of technical errors or the improvement of drivers, however, one aspect of security cannot be neglected: Security holes also occur in drivers. Nvidia has e.g. set up its own website with a list of the security holes of its own drivers (Link: )

Graphics cards, so-called multifunction devices, WLAN drivers and internal drives such as SSDs should have the highest priority for drivers. By the way: WLAN routers should always be up to date! Unfortunately, a driver updater cannot do this automatically. So you should log in to your router regularly and check if there is a newer update!

What is a driver updater and how does it work?

Our Driver Updater scans your hardware for all devices available in the system and compares them with our online database. If updates are found, you can download and install them. Important: You can create updates of all drivers in advance and you should be prepared for emergencies. Drivers from manufacturers can also be faulty and in some cases an error can only become apparent after days, which was not previously noticed in all tests. For example, in version 397.31 of the Gforce driver, Nvida had a bug that repeatedly led to an unsuccessful reboot on some systems. So be prepared with the backup integrated in ourDriver Updater! Our SecuPerts Driver Updater can update, save and remove drivers.

How do we search for our drivers or which drivers are provided?

We put a lot of effort into providing you with the latest and best drivers. Our internal systems scan several times a day at all major manufacturers for updated or newer drivers. New ones will be downloaded by us and briefly tested on the operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32- and 64 bit respectively). After a successfully passed test, all drivers are additionally scanned with several security solutions, including technology from Avira. Only then the drivers will be transferred to our database and made available for our driver updater.

What devices are covered by the driver database?

The SecuPerts Driver Updater actually covers all areas of a Windows computer. Among others, the database contains drivers for printers, scanners, mouse, touchpad, sound cards, graphics cards, keyboard, tablets, monitors, USB devices such as SmartCard readers, Bluetooth sticks or WLAN sticks, headphones, speakers, network cards including WLAN, cameras, system drivers e.g. for chipsets, processors, biometric devices, sensors and security devices. All drivers are for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Which manufacturers are all included in the driver database?

We have more than 1,000 different manufacturers in our database. The most important are: Acer, AMD, Apple, Asus, BenQ, Brother, Canon, Creative, DELL, D-Link, EIZO, Fujitsu, Gigabyte, Hewlett Packard (HP), Hitachi, iiyama, Intel, Konica, Kyocera, Lenovo, LG, Linksys, Logitech, Medion, Microsoft, Minolta, Netgear, Realtek, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, TP-LINK, Wacom, Western Digital and ZyXEL.

More than 1,000 different manufacturers are listed in the database of SecuPerts Driver Updater?

Yes, really. 😊 The list would go beyond the scope here. Therefore, for example, all manufacturers that begin with the letter “A”: ACARD Technology Corp, ACCES I/O Products, Inc., Accusys Inc, Acer, Acorp Corp., ACR, ACS, Action Star Technology Co., Ltd., Actiontec, ActivCard, ActivIdentity, Adaptec, ADS Technologies, Advance Computer Corporation, Advanced Bionics, LLC, Advanced Card System, Advanced Micro Devices, Advanced Multimedia Technology Co.,Ltd. Korea, Advantech Automation Corp. , Advantech Co., Ltd, AfaTech, AFT Atlas Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, AG neovo, AGEIA Technologies, Inc, Agere Systems, AirLink Communications, AirPrime Incorporated, AirTies Wireless Networks, Aisino, AIT Tech, Aktiv Co., AL Tech., Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd., Alcatel, Alcor, Alereon, Ali, Alienware, Allied Telesis, Alps Electric, ALRT, ALTOBEAM, Amazon, Ambit Microsystems, AMCC, American Megatrends (AMD), Amigo Technology Inc., AMIT Technology, Inc., Amlogic, Inc., AMOI Incorporated, Amped Wireless, Analog Devices, Animation Technologies Inc., Anycom, AnyDATA Corporated, Anyka, AOC, AOpen Inc., Apollo, Apple, Aquantia, Arcadyan Technology Corporation , ARCHEON, Arduino, Areca Technology Corporation, ArkMicro, Arris Corporation, ASIX, ASK, Asmedia Technology, ASPEED, ASSA ABLOY AB, AST, ASUS, ATEN, Athena Smartcard Solutions, Atheros, ATI, ATK, Atlas Copco, Atmel, ATOL group, Attansic, ATTO Technology, Inc., Aureal, Aurora Networks, AuthenTec, Auvitek, AuzenTech, AVAGO TECH, AVC, Aventra, AVEO, Aver, AVHybrid, AVM, A-Volute, Avtor Ltd., Axalto, Axesstel, Axxon (OEM) Inc. and Azure.

What benefits can I get with our SecuPerts Driver Updater?

Missing or outdated drivers are most noticeable: PC crashes, problems with devices such as printers, sound and/or graphics cards, webcams and so on. Experts estimate that up to 97% of all typical PC problems can be traced back to outdated, faulty or even missing drivers. Our SecuPerts Driver Updater keeps your computer always up-to-date.

Free version: Scan your computer for obsolete drivers!

Check your drivers for free with our SecuPerts Driver Updater! Search your system for obsolete or missing drivers or device drivers free of charge. Once you have found drivers that should be updated, we recommend that you purchase our full version. Keep your PC always up to date and protect it e.g. from system crashes. With the SecuPerts Driver Updater you can easily find and download the latest driver versions!

The Driver Updater Manual
The manual will give you detailed information, tips and tricks for using our software. Read more…

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