SecuPerts First Aid Kit – The emergency system for every Windows PC

Just one wrong click is enough to mess up Windows’ operation. Speedy assistance is on hand in this case with the SecuPerts First Aid Kit, which is supplied as a download or on bootable USB sticks. No matter whether faced with a virus, a damaged hard disk or installing a tool to kick-start a Windows environment that won’t start any more, using this emergency package will enable users to save their Windows installation and data with little effort.

If Windows won’t start any more, there is not only the threatening prospect of a long-winded reinstallation process, but also of losing all the data available on the computer. On the other hand, it is clearly less stressful to use an emergency system like SecuPerts First Aid Kit.

The First Aid Kit is based on a Linux system that includes all the tools needed to recover data and systems, and it can be easily used by non-computer experts thanks to a simple system of prompts.

The kit’s features also include a virus scanner that can detect and remove viruses. The virus scanner contains technology from Avira. Even if persistent malware has shut down the virus scanner under Windows, the emergency system can continue doing its job without any restrictions.

The First Aid Kit also has a host of data recovery tools. This means that you can recover data at file level if the file systems are only slightly or not damaged at all. The data recovery function works with external and internal drives, network drives and even with cloud storage. If file systems are damaged, data storage media have been accidentally formatted, and there are corrupted blocks, the emergency system can recover data at block level, thus preventing the worst disaster.

If the hard disk has a technical defect, the data on the whole hard disk can be transferred to another hard disk 1:1 so that users are able to recover a large part of the data, in spite of the defective hard disk.

In addition to its data recovery function, the First Aid Kit also provides tools for reliably deleting data. This is a good idea if the computer or hard disk is going to be sold.

First Aid Kit: Overview of key features

  1. Data recovery at file level on external drives, internal drives, network drives or cloud storage if Windows won’t boot any more, but the file systems are undamaged/slightly damaged.
  2. Data recovery at file level in the otherwise hidden shadow copies of NTFS drives.
  3. Data recovery at block level in the case of damaged file systems, data storage media that have been quickly formatted accidentally or of corrupted blocks.
  4. Virus search – even if particularly persistent malware has shut down or fooled the virus scanner under Windows, the virus scanner can help in the live system.
  5. Reliable deletion of hard disks – if a computer is due to be sold or scrapped, you will then prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.
  6. Data recovery via the network – Windows won’t boot any more and there’s no external hard disk available? Activate the drive share feature in the First Aid Kit on the damaged PC and effortlessly navigate through the folders on another Windows PC or Mac, view the files, and copy them.

Other features include: resetting forgotten passwords, the option to convert hard disk images into virtual machines, carrying out a data backup on DVD, and indicating the current health status of hard disks and SSDs.

There is the option to download the software (in which case, users can create an emergency DVD or an emergency USB stick themselves) or it can be ordered as a bootable emergency USB stick.