The detective on your own PC – SecuPerts Forensic System now available

SecuPerts Forensic System incorporates a load of analysis tools that users can use to check their systems with a fine-toothed comb. The software finds out whether spy software has been installed on the computer, detects whether unauthorized persons have obtained access to data, checks the whole data traffic within the home network and much more.

SecuPerts Forensic System is aimed both at beginners and at experienced users. The system is available either to download or as a bootable USB stick. The download version can be copied to a DVD or a USB stick and can be started directly from the USB stick or the DVD.

The software is perfect for finding out the previous life of used PCs, for example. With the help of the built-in forensic tools, Forensic System can track down deleted or overwritten data. This function is also helpful if data is accidentally deleted and needs to be restored. SecuPerts can also read the browser history and restore Skype conversations.

Users who share a computer with others can see in just a few clicks what data has been deleted over what time, which users have searched for which files and which programs have been installed and uninstalled.

At the same time, SecuPerts Forensic System can trace malware and display where this malware comes from. Other useful functions: The system can read passwords on the computer itself and check whether the router is adequately secured against attacks. Furthermore, the software not only monitors all network traffic but also gives a clear view of what data a smart TV transfers to the internet.

Forensic System: Overview of key features

  1. Analyses the complete hard drive and can restore deleted or overwritten files.
  2. Finds memory dumps (for example, the registry, from Skype, from the e-mail clients) and the whole browser history.
  3. Shows which users have modified which data and which programs have been installed and uninstalled.
  4. Monitors all data traffic on the home network and can detect what data a smart TV is transferring to the internet.
  5. Checks the security of the router.
  6. Detects malware (including the source).
  7. Can read local passwords quickly.

SecuPerts Forensic System can be bought as of now from the following website:

What’s more, the USB stick version is also available from Amazon.