Want to remove stubborn viruses quickly and safely from your PC?

Want to remove stubborn viruses quickly and safely from your PC without causing greater damage to your PC/laptop or in your network?

Then this tip will help. Removing viruses safely and permanently is not always easy. So one of the important rules before you start is: Disconnect all network connections. This is the only way to make sure that the virus does not spread. Also recommended: Deactivate your WiFi, disconnect the network cable or switch your router off. This guarantees that the virus cannot download further malware from the internet to become more powerful. Note: Never attempt to remove a virus or infected files using “Delete files”. If you do not know exactly what you are doing, the damage this could do may well exceed the benefit…!

The internet cannot help you

If you follow these rules, there is one clear disadvantage: In this situation, you cannot download virus software from the internet. But you also have no access to the help, online tools and step-by-step instructions you can normally find using Google. And you need to look for professional help using the phone book instead of your search engine. And that is bound to be expensive

Affordable solution: Use the First Aid Kit and access the infected PC “from outside”.

Ideally, you, or someone you know should have our little helper First Aid Kit in your office or desk drawer. The bootable USB stick or rescue DVD starts up a separate Linux-based operating system. After starting up, it offers a range of repair and rescue tools. These include a virus scanner based on Avira technology.

The good thing about external access: The partition on which the operating system is stored is write-protected. This means the virus cannot do anything to the rescue data medium. But you can easily locate the virus using the virus scanner and either remove it or quarantine in, depending on the virus type. In either case, you make it safe.

This prevents or removes the risk from the virus.